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From Gummy Smile to Grateful Smiles

Healthy, straight, shiny teeth are the foundation of a great smile, but they’re not the only elements that contribute to a perfect one. Your gums play an important role, too. Ideally, they’re not only healthy but also in good proportion to your teeth. When you have excessive gum tissue—a condition often called a “gummy smile”—you can be perfectly healthy, but still not have the appearance you want to project to the world. You may be embarrassed to smile around other people, even when you’re at your happiest. If you’re not happy with how your smile looks, we have a solution. Dr. Germain Jean-Charles can give you a better tooth-to-gum ratio through a procedure called crown lengthening. This simple but effective cosmetic dentistry treatment is turning gummy smiles in the Canandaigua, NY area into grateful ones.

What You’ll Get from Crown Lengthening

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You’ll Love Your Look After Laser Treatment

With crown lengthening, our highly experienced team carefully removes a portion of gum tissue from around the base of every tooth that has excessive gum coverage. While doing this, we pay special attention to the shape of your gums to create as natural and flattering a look as possible. This process makes more of the surface of your teeth visible, and less of the gums. Your teeth will appear longer but will actually remain the same size. The procedure also makes it easier for us to provide deep cleanings and can prepare you for crowns and orthodontic work. With less gum tissue, you’re also less likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay. We offer both traditional scalpel-based treatment and minimally invasive laser treatment. Using a laser, we’re able to complete your procedure more quickly and precisely with little bleeding or swelling afterward.

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