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The Clear Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Traditional metal braces are still widely used today because they’re a dependable way to straighten crooked teeth or keep your teeth from growing crooked. This said, they’re not for everybody. Metal braces require special maintenance and can make eating and speaking awkward and uncomfortable. They can also make the wearer feel self-conscious, which can be especially troublesome for adolescents who may have to deal with the ridicule of their peers. One truly innovative cosmetic dentistry tool makes all these concerns a thing of the past. Invisalign clear braces are proven to straighten your teeth and improve your bite while remaining hardly noticeable to others. With them, your great concerns will be replaced by greater confidence and enjoyment of life.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • Subtle teeth straightening
  • No sharp metal
  • A boost in confidence
  • Unrestricted diet
  • Easily removed for cleaning
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How Invisalign® treatment works

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Invisalign Does the Job Inconspicuously

Invisalign gives you all the advantages of traditional metal braces with none of the drawbacks. It straightens teeth through clear aligners that are virtually unnoticeable to other people you will interact with each day. Once you’re wearing them, you may actually forget you have them in! Made of transparent, highly durable plastic, the aligners slip over your teeth and stay firmly in place; you remove them only for eating, brushing, and flossing and must wear them for at least 22 hours a day. Over time, the aligners gradually shift your teeth into their correct positions. Dr. Germain Jean-Charles is extensively experienced in common orthodontic procedures and, along with the rest of the team here at our Canandaigua, NY office, are ready and eager to provide you with these life-changing clear braces. See what life is like with comfortable, custom-fitted Invisalign!

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