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Teeth Might Not Be All That You’re Missing

If you’ve lost a tooth or several teeth, you might also be missing the freedom to smile and speak without worry. You might be missing the taste of your favorite foods, which have become difficult to eat without a full set of healthy teeth. Left untreated, those gaps in your smile can also cause more serious consequences beyond the social and esthetic. Your teeth are rooted in your jawbone, which requires the stimulation of normal chewing with all your teeth to remain healthy. When even one tooth falls out or is extracted, the jawbone underneath can soon begin to decay and recede, causing you to lose not only more teeth but also your characteristic facial appearance. We offer proven remedies to these here in our Canandaigua, NY office.

The Downsides of Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Restore Your Smile

With their advanced training, Dr. Germain Jean-Charles, and the team here at our Canandaigua, NY office can fill in the gaps in your smile, give you back what you’ve been missing, and even help you enjoy an entirely new level of fulfillment in your life. Dental implants, the most durable and longest-lasting tooth replacement option available today, make all this possible. With dental implants we surgically place sturdy titanium posts into your jawbone and restore them with natural-looking crowns, both of which are made to last the rest of your life. We can replace one, many, or a full arch of missing teeth with dental implants, typically the very same day! If you currently have dentures or prefer them over dental implants to replace your missing teeth, we can secure them with implant-supported dentures. No more adhesives or embarrassing denture slippage! Discuss your options with our doctors in a free consultation.

Missing teeth? Not for much longer!

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Daniel Frankovitch
Like most I've never been to particular with the dentist....well Dr. Charles is a different story! His team and him are very personable and down to earth. While working on your mouth he likes to listen to music and dance! Its quite the show and takes the nervousness out of being in the dreaded Seat! Give him a try and you won't regret it....You'll not only have a spectacular dentist but a great group of friends!
Melissa Long
I can't say enough, I am beyond impressed. Dr. Charles is definitely one of a kind. I've never encountered a dentist that is as sweet, kind, and genuine. My experience has been extremely pleasant and comfortable. I absolutely adore all of the staff and totally appreciate the attention I receive upon every visit! I'll never go anywhere else again!!!
i have been coming here for almost 7 months, Dr. Charles and staff are absolutley amazing. They make you feel at ease with any dental procedure and they are extremely informative. They are beyond wonderful and I reccomend them to anyone who has fears or has had bad dental experiences. They are a savior!

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